Duzzo Dave – Late (Prod. by King Chillee)

Today the world received a new joint from Norwalk, CT’s own Duzzo Dave called Late produced by King Chillee. Dave offers his slick delivery over a beat with a lot of BOUNCE. Who here isn’t late to certain things? Class, meetings, weddings? We all are. Duzzo decides to speak on this occasion and does it well. Make sure to give it a listen and look out for a project dropping soon (hopefully).


- Jonny Empire

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Jimmy Bad feat. OB3AST – Caravan (Official Music Video)

Jimmy Bad feat. OB3AST – Caravan (Official Music Video)

Recently we sat down with Stamford, CT (my home town) MC, Jimmy Bad on Streets Never Sleep Radio. One thing we learned about the MC was how well converted his character through his music. With a mixtape and multiple videos under his belt, talk has been going around about Jimmy Bad’s music. Today we present his new single Caravan featuring another MC from Stamford, Ob3ast. In the state of hip-hop these days, some people want music that’ll make them hype and ready to go! In Jimmy Bad’s case, he sticks to his plan of making hip-hop music that can be compared to Trap and Drill, but it is obvious how much of a true hip-hop fan he is. You want some music you can bang in the whip or rock before going to the club? Check out his video for his new single Caravan. Look out for our interview with Jimmy Bad dropping real soon. Stay up!

Jonny Empire



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Fat Nick – Too Much (Prod Big Los)

Miami’s own Buffet Boys member Fat Nick dropped his new record “Too Much” prod by none other than BigLosBeats. You might have heard his beats on a few tracks on his solo album ‘The Heart Attack’, also on a shitload of other hot tapes that dropped in 2014. After the mixtape its been a while since we heard from Fat Nick, so all you can get your dose of thotties and boofy, xany’s and loudpack from this!  Fiji Water and Nestle Jugs are definitely a must for this track, Let us know what you think!